Primary Role(s):

Global Game Jam (2020)



Game design, Ui, 2d-asset creation, 2d-animation

I  participated with one more designer and a programmer in the "Global Game Jam 2020". 

In a "Game Jam" you and your team have 48 hours to create a game from scratch, which fitts to a theme. This theme is reavealed on the first day. 

The theme of this "Jam" was: "Repair"

We decided to create a platformer, adventure game in the style of "Mega-Man" and "The Binding of Isaac". In this game you play as a small Man, who's job is to get injected into sick people to find the disease and destroy it. This will "repair" the sick person.

Design Document

Story: Player is getting injected into a human, who got a disease. Now he must fight the disease and kill it. Theme: Human body, rotten sick dirty, full of diseases (See Osmosis Jones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnPOuK9RHH0) Characters (Player): Player is a mega man like character: Controls:

  • A,D move left and right
  • S go through certain platforms
  • Space, W jump
  • Arrow keys shooting in direction (up, down, left, right)
  • Ability on E,Q,F?
He has multiple abilities:
  • Jumping
  • Shooting
  • Information book (Obtain weaknesses of enemies)
  • Obtain Abilities through beaten bosses
  • Freeze gun
  • Double jump
  • Bombs (Aoe attack)
  • Bullets disappearing
Enemies: “Pimple” Can`t jump Move left right Killed by jumping onto it Sticks to platforms Cannot be killed if stuck below platform (player gets damaged) If player in sight start charging then charge in player direction (https://youtu.be/t60PULwFduw?t=7) “Virus” can jump shoots small virus killed by shooting Level/environment design: · Organs · Blood vines · Particle effects (Smoke/ Gas) · Bones Gameplay: The binding of isaac boss battles (https://bindingofisaacrebirth.gamepedia.com/All_Bosses_(Bosses)) · Avoid enemy attacks (Jumping, moving) · Attack enemy with bullets Art: 32 x 32 pixel art · Player + animation · Big Boss enemy with animation o Projectiles o Smaller enemies Sound and Music: · Body sounds (heart pounding) · Zombie like sounds for enemy · Boss music (more research needed) User Interface, Game Controls: UI: · Healthbar · Power-bar (?) · Ammo · Boss-health · Body health (maybe timer to kill disease) Game-controls: · Mario-movement (moving jumping) · Shooting (Left mouse button) o Create projectile on mouse click o Projectile travels · Use power bar o Big explosion

My Contributions:

Game Design: See "Design Document" I was responsible for writing the game design document. Programming: I wrote the code for the checkpoints using C#. Level Design: After creating the tileset I had to create the layout for the level. Assets creation: Since we did not have an artist in our group, I had to help creating assets for the game.

  • Enemy sprites + animations
  • Tileset for the level
  • In-game UI-Design