Horror game with Twitch-integration




In Development

The Audience is a horror game with Twitch integration created for Twitch streamer and their viewers. In this game the streamer has to survive room after room, each with a different task. The next room the streamer has to play is decided by the viewer. The viewer can, besides deciding, what room the streamer needs to play next, use other commands to make certain things happen. (For example the command "light" will turn all lights off)

The Team

After 3 weeks the project ended and the best groups of each class were supposed to present their idea to four professionals (similar to a "Dragons-Den" -setting). Our game, together with an app from another group, was nominated as the best product.



As mentioned above the viewers are able to type commands into the chat, which will have an effect inside of the game. Here is a video showcasing this functionality and a list of all possible commands, which were implemented by me:

List of commands:

You have these commands available to type in the chat (just type in the Letters/words before the "-" symbol) Commands for the very start (Pre-room) this decides the next level: A - easy Keycards level B - medium Keycards level C- hard Keycards level D- Fuses level When the streamer left the preroom, you can then sabotage them with the following gameplay commands: sneeze - makes the character sneeze and potentially attract monsters cam - increases the camera FOV (field of view) to an extreme scare - gives the play possibly a little fright with a jump scare light - turns the lights off knockknock - makes a knocking noise (for maximum effect use headphones) foot - makes footstep noises (for maximum effect use headphones) weee - flips the camera upside down heart - blurs vision and makes a heartbeat noise hint - important items make sounds (helps the player)


The prototype features 3 keycard rooms (with different difficulty) and one fuze room, where the player needs to collect 3 fuzes to open a door.

Keycard-room gameplay

Fuze-room gameplay

Roles and tasks

Our Team consisted of 6 people, 3 Artists and 3 Designers. This was the first project, where we were not allowed to have a programmer-focused student in our team. The teacher expected the designer teams (like us) to use HTML, CSS & JavaScript to create an application, which solves a problem, but we really wanted to create a game. This is the reason one of us had to programm the game and this person was me. My main task this project was to programm and design the whole game, which included write code (in C#), design and create levels, implement assets and of course programm the Twitch commands. And this is excatly what I did as you can see in the gameplay videos.

Since the beginning of the project I was programming and implementing mechanics we decided on in the concepting phase:


After the main-mechanics were done I started working on the level-layouts together with the artists: