Primary Role(s):


First time working with Unreal




In Development

First prototype: 

Second Prototype (after first testing phase):


  • Charge-Punch-feature implemented

  • New Ui-design

    • Healthbar​

    • new Crosshair

"Punch Knight" is the first game I created with Unreal-engine`s Blueprint-system. 

In this game you play as a Knight, who fell into a well. Now he has to find a way back to the surface. The problem: There is an entire cave-system bellow that well, filled with monsters. Sounds easy? Well, his sword is still at the surface. Now he only has his fists left...

Luckily, a misterious spirit blesses him with an amulet. This amulet gives him the ultimate strength. Now a single punch is enough to to push opponents several meters away. But there is a problem, he is not able to kill monsters with his punches. They always stand up again. The knight has to make use of the environment (Fire, holes, spikes).

Goal: Find a path through the dungeon and kill monsters by pushing them into obstacles



The goal of Punch knight is to produce fun punching ugly monsters around with ease.


The story is set in a medieval dungeon in a fantasy world.

The main character ended up in this dungeon without any weapons, except powers acquired through a magical item.

Game structure:

There will be different layers of the dungeon with different environments. (Old mine with lava, Torture-layer with spikes) These different environment will enable different kill possibilities. The player will only be able to punch enemies.


The game will mainly be played on Pc. The player will be controlled with mouse and keyboard. A top-down perspective is used to give the player a better overview and to make the process of aligning enemies easier.


Player will be able to run around trying to dodge enemy attacks and lining up enemies for a devastating punch.


Kill enemies to process through the level. Level will start and end with a door, trapdoor, ladder.... In the end the player will be able to reach the surface.

Testing and Feedback

The first prototype was tested by different testers, mainly other students from my university. Game design teachers played it as well: Observation:

  • Hit-registration off: Punch-hit-event should only occure when actually punching - Use event in montage
  • Mouse-cursor not clear and visible enough
  • Tester prefer spamming button over precise clicks
The tester liked:
  • Punching fun
  • Ragdoll-system satisfying
  • Fire interaction
The tester did not like:
  • Ui not clear (mainly Healthbar)
The tester had following ideas:
  • Charged attack
  • Combo-attacks
  • Dashing (rolling)
  • Punchable objects to throw at enemy
Goals/ Changes for next prototype:
  • Add first version of charged attack
  • Edit healthbar
  • Make crosshair more visible



The world will consist out of multiple environment. Each environment will have multiple levels, filled with enemies. (Compare to "The Binding of Isaac")


Camera always focused on Player. Deep chasms/Lava/Spikes/... all around the level.

Environmental assets:

  • corpses/skeletons
  • obstacles
  • banners
  • chains (torture-room)
  • bookshelves (tease use of dark magic)
  • altar
  • torches/Candle

Obstacle types:

Obstacles will always give the player the opportunity to kill enemies with it. Player can die/ be damaged through obstacles as well to reward careful and planned movement.

  • Abyss (holes in floor) / Lava: Enable instant-kill for enemies instant-death for player
  • Bonfires/ Flamethrower: Burn enemies, damage player

Enemy types:

Walker - basically a zombie (implemented)

  • Will walk slowly to player if in sight
  • Starts attacking when near player

Magician - turret (implemented)

  • stationary
  • shoots projectiles which damage player into player direction after delay

Pusher - push player around (concept)

  • Will walk slowly to player if in sight
  • attacks do not deal damage
  • attacks push player

Push resisted - resisted to punching (concept)

  • Will walk slowly to player if in sight
  • attacks deal damage to player
  • cannot be pushed through punching
  • Player needs to push something else (Prop, other enemy) into him

(End)-BOSS: Necromancer (Concept)

  • Stationary and big enemy
  • will turn to player and shoot multiple bullets
  • when health below 50% will start spawning enemies
  • Player needs to punch things into him (explosive barrels?)


  • Basic punching - Player hits where cursor points to
  • Dark souls rolling (Concept)
  • Powered-up punch - Player holds punch-button, which will increase the power on punch when punch button released

Inspirations & Sources:

Models & animations: Code-inspirations: Getting started with Unreal: Ragdoll-system: Used assets: