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Primary Role(s):


First time working with Unreal




In Development

First prototype: 

Second Prototype (after first testing phase):


  • Charge-Punch-feature implemented

  • New Ui-design

    • Healthbar​

    • new Crosshair

"Punch Knight" is the first game I created with Unreal-engine`s Blueprint-system. 

In this game you play as a Knight, who fell into a well. Now he has to find a way back to the surface. The problem: There is an entire cave-system bellow that well, filled with monsters. Sounds easy? Well, his sword is still at the surface. Now he only has his fists left...

Luckily, a misterious spirit blesses him with an amulet. This amulet gives him the ultimate strength. Now a single punch is enough to to push opponents several meters away. But there is a problem, he is not able to kill monsters with his punches. They always stand up again. The knight has to make use of the environment (Fire, holes, spikes).

Goal: Find a path through the dungeon and kill monsters by pushing them into obstacles

  • The story
    While the brother fell asleep his sister, who he had to take care of, ran away. Now the brother has to bring the girl home before his parents come back. The girl ran into the forest. She ends up in an old mansion. The girl gets lost in the mansion. Now the brother has to find her through all the rooms and riddles.
  • My contribution
    - Devide tasks - Programm - Manage assetlist/ design-document - Create the interface/ Logos - Design the puzzles - Time management/ planning
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