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Game Economy in:

The Settlers 7






October 2019 - November 2019

Analysis of Game economy in "The Settlers"

Machinations, Unity



In this project I wanted to learn the basics of economy. To achieve a basic understanding of game economy I started analysing a game called "The Settlers 7 - paths to a kingdom".

I used the 'Machinations' Framework to visualize my understanding of the basic economy of the game:

This here is a 'Unity' -version of the prototype. At the moment only the building, upgrading, destroying and recourse gathering is implemented. 

  • The story
    While the brother fell asleep his sister, who he had to take care of, ran away. Now the brother has to bring the girl home before his parents come back. The girl ran into the forest. She ends up in an old mansion. The girl gets lost in the mansion. Now the brother has to find her through all the rooms and riddles.
  • My contribution
    - Devide tasks - Programm - Manage assetlist/ design-document - Create the interface/ Logos - Design the puzzles - Time management/ planning
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