Primary Role(s):

University / group project

Unity engine


Game design, Testing, Scrum(Planning)

THE PRICE is a VR-puzzle game created in a project with the goal to change the behaviour of the player. In the game the goal of the player is to find out, who the culprit of the car accident is by investigating the accident in VR. My role was to design the accident itself, the characters, the clues, planning and user testing.


The goal of this project was to change the behaviour of the player to the best. We were supposed to choose a campaign and support it with this game. We chose a "anti-drunk-driving" campaign and created this game. In this game you play as a detective, who has to investigate a car-accident and to find the culprit of this accident. The player will see the horrors of car accidents and the possible losses, which will motivate them to drive safely.


We decided to create a VR-game to create a much bigger immersion and a higher impact, while playing (And much more fun, while testing). None of us worked with VR before, which is why we had to test a lot. Through testing we found out that teleportation causes way less motion sickness and player tend to play much longer, even when they already reached the end.


The gameplay consists of teleporting around the car accident and finding clues. After finding all the clues they will have to investigate them and decide, which one of the three participants the real culprit is. To create a bigger challenge, we decided to look for common car accident causes to confuse the player. These common causes were build in into the participants and the clues. After a test one of the participants asked for a flashback-feature (For an example a baby cry, when you see the baby seat). We really liked this idea and combined flashbacks with the investigation feature. Now the player can listen to the backstory of each clue.

Character/ Clue design

I created participants with depth and an own personality. Each shown by the clues and their flashbacks, which I mentioned before. For example I have aggravated the cruelty of the father's death by showing the player messages from his wife and the fact that he is the father of a newborn. Here is the list I wrote, when I designed each clues and flashback: Car 1: old woman Meds: Investigation: „ An unopened pill bottle. It says that driving under the influence of this medicine is highly prohibited” Flashback: old woman: “Ben?! Where did you put your medicine?” Personal organizer Investigation: “She had multiple appointments this week. She was at her son´s home before.” Flashback: Old woman on the phone: “Oh yes of course! I will be there on Friday. I won´t miss my grandson´s first birthday” Walking stick Investigation: “A name is engraved into it: “Ben Benson” “ Flashback: Old woman: “OH a walking stick for Ben?! Thank you, Lucas!” Car 2: family father Mobile phone Investigation: “A woman with a baby in her arm is set as a wallpaper. The last message was sent 45 minutes ago: “I am on my way home now, honey”” Flashback: Woman: “Don´t overwork yourself, Brandon. Mia is already waiting for you.” Man: „I am on my way home now, honey” Workshop report Investigation: “It´s a bill for a new seat upholstery” Flashback: Man: “WHAT?! 300€ for a seat upholstery”
Car 3: young man (Culprit) Wallet Investigation: “Inside is a drivers license, a student card from a university, a note with numbers and a bit of money…” Flashback: Boy: “I will never forget the password again!” Phone Investigation 1: “It´s locked” Investigation 2: “The numbers from the wallet were the password for the phone. It shows a chat 15 minutes ago: “I will be fine, see ya on Monday” “ Flashback: Boy: “Listen here! I can still drive, so leave me alone Brandon!” Party invitation Investigation: “It is an invitation to a birthday party this evening.” Flashback: Boy: “Oh yeah, finally a possibility to escape school life”

Car-accident- / Level- design (SPOILER)

This is the very first design I made for the level. This is what happened:

Subject A (drunk) drove into oncoming traffic after losing the control of his car. Subject B tried to dodge by driving into the oncoming traffic. He did not see Subject C coming.

After designing this simple level layout I designed a character and clues for each subject, which you can see in the tab before. (Subject A = Young man, Subject B = Father, Subject C = Old woman).

When every asset (Model, Textures...) was finished, I created the final scene in Unity: