Indigo was a part of a school project. The goal of this project was to create a game in unity.


The goal of the game is to jump into the teleporter at the end of the level. To achieve that, the player has to find a way through the level.

Game mechanics (white gun)

The white gun shoots a hook, which allows him to pull themselves to white surfaces.

Game mechanics (blue gun)

The player is equipped with different abilities. These abilities are needed to proceed through the level. Two of these abilities are his guns. The blue gun gives the player the ability to create and replace platforms. You can see the selected ability in the bottom right corner. With this gun the player is able to create one green platform and he is not able to place another one until he destroyed the last one with his bullets (or by stepping on a dark blue platform): These blue platforms present checkpoints and are not placeable by the player. The last ability, this gun provides, is creating another platform, which only lasts a few moments.


The player has needs a strategy and quick reactions to use all of the abilities on the most efficient way. My goal was to make the player find his own way of solving the level with the abilities the game provides. The last obstacle of the tutorial is the best example: A big gap, one (optional) white surface. The player can use all of his abilities here to reach the end, but what will he choose? Will he place a green platform to jump on a timed one to afterwards use his hook? Will he only use the two platforms? It was really interesting to see the ways testers tried to reach the end goal.