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Concept art and Modelling



Primary Role(s):


Drawing Concept art, Modeling

zBrush, Photoshop


In Development

In this project my goal was to experience the workflow of concept artists and 3d-modellers. To do that I created multiple sketches to improve my artist abilities, to then design and draw characters. Afterwards I modelled my designs inside of a program, which I used for the first time, zBrush.

Character design: þruma Hirðirson

Here is the þruma Hirðirson a Viking I fully modeled inside of zBrush.  The concept art used to create this character can be found below.

A version with textures, poses and animations will be added at a later date. 



Character design: Flower - The happy orc

Base Render #47838.png

Flower is the first character I have designed and modeled. With creating Flower I wanted to practice designing inhuman characters. In addition to that Flower was a great chance to practice facial expressions.


"Flower is an orc, who lost his family, when he was very young. He was then found and raised by a family of human farmers, 


They found him playing with the flowers on a flower meadow in front of their home. 

Sadly, the humans treated him more like a pet, which caused him to never learn, how to read or write. They always called him "Flower", since that is the place, where they found him.


Every time Flower sees flowers he starts to smile, because it always remembers him of the day he was saved by the family of farmers.

Flower spent his whole life on the families' farm, which consists of multiple flower meadows. He never stopped smiling and lived a simple life"

Character design: Embros - The fighter

Base Render #33958.png

Embros was the human character I have modeled. By modeling him I practiced modeling stylized human faces and facial expressions.

"Embros was an old fighter, who survived multiple fights and wars. His fighting style was unique and infamous all around the world.

He became older and older and together with his wife he raised his son, who was, like his father a strong fighter. 

Embros was happy to see his son becoming stronger and stronger, until one day his son met his future wife.

His son stopped fighting at the front lines to live a simple life with his wife, which left his father Embros truly disappointed.

Since that day Embros never laughed again."


Character design: Ufnir - The rogue monk

Ufnir is a monk-ranger inspired by Buddhist monks in combination with a ranger design. A 3d-Modell is planned for the future.


Character design: Razor - Master of sharks

Razor is a combination of a pirate, magician and shark. He basically is the king of sharks, who is on the hunt to kill all pirates to revenge his young sister that was caught by a pirate. More concept art and a 3d-modell is planned.



Things I did to prepare for drawing and modelling the characters. 

The references were made using the website:

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