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League of Legends

Character Design







March 2020 - April 2020

Character Design for League of Legends




In Development

In this project I wanted to create new content for a game, which is what I want to do in my work later. In addition, I want to combine this task with character design, because characters are one of the most important parts in games (mainly story-driven games). An example for that would be the Doom-slayer from Doom, who is infamous for being the killing machine and people will always connect him with killing demons. Another great example is Geralt of Rivia the main character of the Witcher, who is until today still one of the most popular game characters in the world.

Besides story driven games, who use their characters as actors in their story, there are other games, who use their characters as part of the gameplay experience. One of these games is League of Legends a MOBA (Multiplayer-Online-Brawler-Arena) game, which, besides changing existing characters, always updates their game with new unique characters. These new characters always lure people back to the game and keep it interesting. Right now, we have more than 140 playable characters in League of Legends, each with 5 or more abilities (+700 abilities).

As I already mentioned, I want to create new content for a game, and I want this content to be a character design. I am combining this task with the game League of Legends and will try to create my own character with his own backstory and abilities.

"What is League of Legends" - An in-depth analysis

League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena) game created by a company called Riot games, released in the year 2009. Today it is one, if not the most, popular computer game in the world. Millions of players all over the world are playing it daily an I am one of them.

Champion analysis - "Orianna, The Lady of Clockwork"

Before I get to create my own character, I first want to analyze an already existing character from the game and this character will be “Orianna”.

Orianna was released on 1st June 2011, which makes her one of the older champions. She is a golem (robot) mage, who is usually played on the midlane position. She features a unique “ball”-mechanic, where the player needs to control Orianna and the Ball at the same time, to then cast spells through the ball. This forces the player to find a strategic position for Orianna and her Ball to win the game. Before I start talking about her abilities let me first summarize her backstory:

My champion design:
Tedrus - The artificer

I wanted to create a new character, who is unique and could fit to the League of Legends world. The character should be unique, likeable and rewarding for players, who play strategically. Similar to Orianna I want to create abilities that can turn around a whole fight and make you the hero of the game.

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